From around the world to your plate, an explosion of flavors.

Since 2005 we have been importing, exporting, and marketing food products from all over the globe.

Because we understand that there are brands and countries specialized in each type of product, we bring the distant closer by distributing our best food products in major points of sale within reach of everyone.

We are exclusive representatives of the best-known food brands from around the world, offering products from African, Brazilian, Asian, Portuguese, European, North American, Latin American, Halal, and Kosher kitchens.

Deixe-se transportar até África with a simple sip of Cuca beer and feel at home while preparing that Cachupa, Funge, or Moamba that leaves you wanting more.

Bring the energy of Brazil, with our products from across the Atlantic and indulge in stuffed tapiocas or a tasty paçoquinha. Don't forget the classic Rice and Beans, the perfect combination for a good feijoada. Let yourself be enchanted by the delicacy of Asia with our Noodles, which are part of typical dishes like Ramen or Yakisoba, or with our Coconut milk that will add creaminess to your Shrimp curry.

Explore the flavors of India with our exotic spices, which bring traditional dishes like Chicken curry, Lamb Biryani, and Vegetable curry to life. Finally, enjoy a moment of indulgence with our refined spirits, perfect to accompany a dessert like Gulab jamun or Kulfi.


Our Team

We have a young and dynamic team with over 50 employees across all our departments – Sales, Quality, Human Resources, Marketing & Design, Import, Export, Logistics, and Accounting. We also have dedicated sales representatives and a Web Platform for direct sales exclusively to Professionals – B2B System.


We are located in Vialonga, just 20 minutes from Lisbon, and we have an Area of 2825.50 m2 dedicated to our offices and warehouse. In addition to our Headquarters, we have two more facilities with 1500.00 m2 for storing products at ambient, fresh, and frozen temperatures. In the past year alone, our container traffic has increased by 30%.


We have support in some services, namely unloading and distribution, with an average of 30 people per month. We guarantee delivery of orders with our own fleet within the greater Lisbon area, but we also offer outsourced service with deliveries throughout mainland Portugal within 48 hours.


We also have an automatic packaging line with vertical machines, where we package our range of dry products such as beans, flour, and other items.



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